12 Pups of Christmas (2019)

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12 Pups of Christmas (2019)
Opis: Martin is building a company producing traceable animal collars, but urgently needs a major new investment by Christmas, when he must present and improved product at a New York meeting. His sister and deputy hires canine therapist Erin, whom he initially just charges with minding a litter of twelve puppies needing new homes, abandoned after a photo shoot. She son proves valuable inspiration to re-design the collars, and drags Martin along to deliver the puppies, mistaking his distance for a gringe aversion of dogs, next he takes her along to sell the product, while forcing her former BFF to poetic penance for stealing her fiance, albeit almost the other way around. They learn to appreciate each-other's views and qualities, clearing the path for Cupid.—KGF Vissers
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