2/11: Day of the Dead (2012)

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2/11: Day of the Dead (2012)
Opis: Valle Viejo and Malabrigo are two small towns, only separated by a forest in the middle of them, which no one dares to enter to, due to certain legends. On the eve of the Day of the Dead, a boy, completely naked, lost and covered in blood, comes out of the forest. It is Elias, Santiago's brother, a member of the local police force with whom his brother has a bad relationship. Both crave for the love of the same woman. The blood covering Elías' body belongs to three of his friends who, along with him, had also disappeared a couple of days ago. The people want a culprit, but Santiago knows that his brother is not a killer, so he sets to enter the forest and discover what he really happened on November 2, on the eve of the Day of the Dead.
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