A Bullet for Joey (1955)

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A Bullet for Joey (1955)
Opis: Montreal, Canada, sometime in the 50's. Outside the university, Doctor carl Maklin, a Professor, is seceretly photographed by someone dressed as an organ grinder, complete with monkey. A Mountie becomes suspicious. and is shot and killed for it by said Organ Grinder, who is obviously some sort of spy. When this is passed back to the boss, Erc Hartman, the organ grinder is himself killed. Portugal. Joe Victor, obviously a down on his luck crook, is approached by Raphael Garcia, with the offer of a lot of money, and being smuggled back into Canada to kidnap Dr. Maklin. Back in Canada, Maklin gathers a team to help him. This includes Joyce, with whom he obviously has a 'history', and smooth man Jack. Jack's job is to seduce Yvonne, Maklins secretary, whilst Joyce is to make a play for Maklin himself. Jack succeeds in getting the required information from Yvonne, but is so obvious, she twigs she has been pumped for information and makes a run for it to tell. Jack shoots and kills her. Detective Leduc, in a standard piece of police procedural, pieces together the 3 killings and finds Maklin is the link. We gradualy come to realise Hartman's plan is to get Maklin, and some sort of apperatus out of the country to some un named, but fairly obviously the Russians, bad guys. Hartman gets everyone onto a ship leaving the country, but Leduc manages to undermine the trust between all concerned, and awaken Patriotic pride in Victor so all works out for the best.
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