A Christmas Eve Miracle (2015)

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A Christmas Eve Miracle (2015)
Opis: Sharon and Dustin Holden (Olivia D'Abo and Anthony Starke) were high-school sweethearts. They went to the same college, graduated together, and earned everything they ever dreamed of: great kids, great jobs, and loyal golden retriever "Jerry" (Jon Voight). But before long, Sharonss career consumes her world. In an effort to rekindle the joyous family life they once shared, Dustin insists on taking a Christmas vacation to their old stomping grounds, Farthering Pines. When they arrive, they're greeted by Jack Carter (C. Thomas Howell), Robert Jones (Jonathan Silverman), and their families. Despite the festivities, Sharon just can't seem to pull herself away from her work. Frustrated in juggling both her family and work life, Sharon wonders aloud how life would be if she and Dustin did not have children. The next day she wakes up to find that her wish has come true and her children are nowhere to be seen. At first she enjoys this new version of her life, but upon seeing how happy the Jones and Carter families are, she realizes that this isn't the life she wants. Can she find a way to get her family back? Will she realize the true meaning of Christmas? Will the Holden family reunite before the clock strikes midnight?
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