A Forbidden Orange (2021)

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A Forbidden Orange (2021)
Opis: Despite being one of Stanley Kubrick's greatest's films and therefore a cinema masterpiece, 'A Clockwork Orange' was banned by Spain's Franco government, a fascist dictatorship that had ruled the country for over 35 years after a cruel civil war. The film's visuals clashed head-on with the regime's strict moral codes and censors who wished to clamp down on any subversive ideas entering Spain. Surprisingly, however, the film premiered uncensored at a long-running religious film festival, the Seminci in Valladolid, located in one of Spain's most conservative cities. How could something like this even occur? This documentary, in which Malcolm McDowell (main character in A Clockwork Orange) collaborates, aims to take the audience on an adventure that answers that very question, but also poses an even greater one: can a movie change the world?
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