A Glenbrooke Christmas (2020)

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A Glenbrooke Christmas (2020)
Opis: Wealthy Jessica Morgan will assume the CEO position of the Los Angeles-based Morgan Organization in the new year upon the retirement of her paternal grandfather, Harold Morgan, to follow his legacy and that of her father, he and her mother who passed in a car accident thirty years ago when she was a child. Not ever having had the opportunity to take a breather from work, Jessica decides to honor her parents by spending the lead-up to Christmas in small town Glenbrooke, Colorado, where they met and fell in love - it her mother's home town - especially as her mother's former house, now a rental, is available for that time. Jessica especially wants to experience listening to the church bells ring on Christmas Eve, a town tradition for close to a century in the legend of wishes upon it coming true, such as her mother's of marrying her father, he having proposed to her immediately thereafter. She plans to spend her time there under the assumed name of Jessica Emerson - Emerson her middle name - in not wanting to attract attention, especially as people, men in particular, tend to see her for what she is - a high powered executive who can do things for them - instead of who she is. Jessica understands why her parents loved it there so much as she falls in love with the town, and quickly falls in love with the town's fire chief, Kyle Buchanan, despite their initial antagonistic encounters. And when she discovers the bells may not ring this Christmas Eve due to costly repairs, money the church and town doesn't have, she wants to help get it fixed in time for Christmas Eve without going the route of writing a check. Beyond the job in Los Angeles, Jessica quickly comes to what she sees a no-win situation with Kyle, who, beyond his disdain for the attitudes and behaviors of the rich, money which he believes changes people, may not forgive her for not telling him the truth about herself from the beginning, especially as he values honesty above all else as lies were which led to the break up with his last serious girlfriend. —Huggo
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