A Month in Thailand (2012)

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A Month in Thailand (2012)
Opis: An young man (Radu) suddenly decides to stop the two years relationship with his girl-friend, Adina, right in the last night of the year, and to resume the romance with his previous ex-girl-friend Nadia. Theese two girls not only have their names composed by the same letters, but they have the very similar comportament, reactions and look. After a short explanation with Adina, Radu leaves the Revelion party where they are celebrating the begining of the new year, and goes for a long trip, in many clubs and restaurants to find Nadia. The last part of the film describe haw Radu fails to convince Nadia to return to him. The film begin with a bed scene and end with another bed scene. Meanwhile Radu is trying to convince the girls to go with him in a journey to Thailanda, but it seems that all the problems resolve home.
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