A Nomad River (2021)

A Nomad River (2021)
Opis: "A Nomad River" is a blend of fictional and non-fictional narrative that looks at the world through a civilizational lens. This is a personal struggle of four ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, as they travel across India, an ancient civilization struggling with climate change, water crisis, poverty, and hygiene issues. As the threat of climate change and the river-water crisis looms over India, Adriana, a refugee from civil war-torn Venezuela, travels across the country with the Rally for Rivers, a pan India campaign that saw participation from celebrities, politicians, and administrators from all walks of life. Kankana, an Indian actress in Los Angeles visits India to study Indian-Classical music from the revered guru Pandit Krishna Mohan Bhatt. A trip meant for character research ends up becoming an introspective journey for her as she re-discovers her homeland. Ravi, a reluctant young man, and a TV journalist travel with Adriana, watching his country through a new perspective, setting aside the skeptical notions of a spectator. As the nation gears up for cleanliness drives and combating unemployment, Suraj the street sweeper rises against all odds shines with a hope that the biggest effort for change can come from the so-called lowest section of society. —Aditya Patwardhan
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