Action (2013)

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Action (2013)
Opis: Embedded with humour and thrills, this contemporary road trip adventure follows the fluctuating fortunes of a group of friends. Ajay is going to get married in a few days and he decides to have his last few days as bachelor in Goa. He sets out with his friends Bava, Shiva and Purush on a road trip to Goa. Adding spice to the tale is the meeting of Bava and a girl during this journey, and the romance that sparks between them. In Goa, they set out to enjoy their time and end up getting massively drunk. They wake up the next day to discover one of their friends missing. Who is missing? How do they find him? Who would have taken him? Will they find him? Will they be back in time for the wedding?—Shrinivas G. Kulkarni
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