Adalynn (2023)

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Adalynn (2023)
Opis: ADALYNN had it all: the perfect husband, the perfect house, the perfect life, and now, the perfect baby. But, the day she returns home from the hospital, Adalynn's life begins to unravel.Just as her husband, BILL, departs for his business trip, Adalynn's mental health starts breaking down. She hears strange sounds. She finds objects where she doesn't remember leaving them. She receives strange, threatening phone calls from numbers she doesn't recognize.When Adalynn's doctor visits to check on the new family, he assures her that Elizabeth is healthy. Adalynn is not convinced, however, and, though Adalynn suspects that her mental condition is causing these bizarre episodes, the doctor urges her to refrain from taking medication for fear that the drugs will contaminate her breast milk. Adalynn attempts to endure her hallucinations, but their increasing potency and realism prove to be quite impossible to overcome.Just as Adalynn reaches her wit's end, her baby, ELIZABETH, refuses to stop crying, driving the happy mother to near madness. As paranoia and frustration set in, unanticipated triggers force repressed guilt and pain from Adalynn's previous pregnancy to resurface.Before long, Adalynn suffers sinister, violent hallucinations that make her fear for the safety of herself and her child. Shut off from the world and trapped in a living nightmare, Adalynn becomes tormented by unseen adversaries, making her question her sanity and forcing her to uncover a secret that will change her life and reality forever.But can Adalynn and Elizabeth survive their terrible tribulations until Bill returns home to help them?
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