Advice to Love By (2021)

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Advice to Love By (2021)
Opis: Seattle-based Kendall Turner is an author writing about the science of love, she not believing that love is a matter of chance, but rather something that can be achieved only by following scientific principles. She is in stark contrast to the anonymous writer going by the pseudonym Doctor Love Struck, whose column appears exclusively in Pacific Sounder magazine, that author who espouses the notion of romance and the "grand gesture" leading to love. In reality, Nathan Hart, a staff writer at Pacific Sounder, temporarily took over the column solely in showing his editor, Jim Perkins, that he is a team player in wanting the Features Editor position when it opens up. However, he does believe what he writes. Because of Nathan's position as Doctor Love Struck, Jim assigns him to write a profile of Kendall as a feature article. While he will not and cannot divulge that he is Doctor Love Struck to Kendall, Nathan goes into the assignment questioning her approach to love. Conversely, Kendall, who is having trouble coming up with a concept for her next book, decides, after meeting Nathan, for that book to test her scientific theories with herself as the the subject and him as the potential mate in there being an attraction, but in knowing that the two of them aren't obvious on paper. The question then becomes whether these secrets, when they ultimately come to light, will affect not only what happens with each professionally, but with their relationship, especially if they do fall for each other before knowing the secrets.
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