Ain't It Aggravatin' (1954)

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Ain't It Aggravatin' (1954)
Opis: There are many things that can cause aggravation in our everyday lives as demonstrated by an Everyman as the cause. One category is street parking, where a driver doesn't seem to care about bumping other parked cars, is a parking hog taking up more than one spot, and steals a spot from another driver. Another category is the slum landlord advertising a renovated apartment but truly hides problems with furniture and wall hangings, which doesn't help the landlord if the furniture isn't in good working order. The next is a husband who takes extraordinary measures to hide his money from his prying wife's hands, she who may be one step ahead of him. The final category includes things that can go wrong when installing a concrete slab for a backyard patio.—Huggo
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