All About Alice (1972)

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All About Alice (1972)
Opis: This spoof of All About Eve (1950) is centered on most of the female roles being played by drag queens in indomitable i.e. very broad drag queen style. Seemingly innocent Alice Barrington, who has had a difficult life but who has a love for the theater, has applied for the secretarial position for famed Broadway actress, diva Mona Manning, now at the stage of her career well beyond the ingenue roles which are still often offered to her. Because of that connection to theater, Mona hires Alice in wanting to give her, a theater lover and personal fan, an opportunity of a better life. Mona and most of her circle, who includes playwright Peter Miller and his wife Shirley Miller, see Alice as that innocent. But Alice's outward innocence masks a true schemer, her true goal to become a great Broadway actress using and/or stepping over whoever she needs in that climb to the top, including Mona. An additional question becomes just what price Alice will have to pay to reach her goal.—Huggo
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