All Summer Long (2019)

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All Summer Long (2019)
Opis: At the successful conclusion of a lucrative case that took two and a half years of her working life, Tia Larkin, an associate at the Seattle law firm where her father, Daniel Larkin, is a senior partner, needs a break before she starts her next big case, another lucrative win which would bode well for making partner herself. Instead of indulging in arguably her favorite pastime of sailing on this break, she does the next best thing in flying to San Francisco not only to help her uncle and aunt, Roland and Julie Larkin, with a legal matter concerning their new business, but to view the primary component of that business: a vintage yacht, the Pacific Yellowfin, they are converting into a floating restaurant for dinner cruises. When the captain Roland and Julie hired bails on them at the last minute, Tia believes she's found what she would like to do on what would be a longer break: to captain the yacht for the dinner cruise summer season, which Roland and Julie openly welcome, but which Daniel feels less than thrilled in believing the entire business venture folly. Tia's dream of a great summer being on the open water is dashed when she discovers who Roland and Julie hired as the executive chef is Jake Jarrett, Roland and Julie unaware he being Tia's ex-boyfriend. Tia and Jake parted ways twelve years ago in following their respective career aspirations, Jake unwilling at the time to embark on a long distance relationship which broke Tia's heart. In feeling stifled at his last executive chef job, Jake is unwilling to forgo this job opportunity because of Tia, and visa versa with Tia despite the ill feeling that still exists on the surface between them. Jake and Tia have to navigate the waters of being colleagues, to potentially burying the hatchet to become friends again with possibly more as they discover they still have feelings for the other. What may prevent them from getting back together are Jake's old Nob Hill money friend, Bennett Jamiesen, who is interested in Tia himself, and/or other tempting professional opportunities, these only issues if they are unable or unwilling to tell the other their true feelings.—Huggo
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