Alone with Her Dreams (2019)

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Alone with Her Dreams (2019)
Opis: "ALONE WITH HER DREAMS" (aka "PICCIRIDDA") tells the story of Lucia, a little girl of eleven whose parents emigrate to France, at the end of the 60s', in looking for work, entrusting her to grandmother Maria, a strict woman unable to express her feelings. With the passing of months, the existence of Lucia is surrounded by meeting people and relatives. Curiosity pushes her towards the adult world especially men in her family circle, a mysterious world from which to stay away (as grandma says) or to be discovered (as Lucia thinks). One of them hides a terrible secret and Lucia will remain a victim. In a hostile social context, the little Lucia pays a very high price, but her grandmother she hates so much in the first place, will teach her to fight and to grow with dignity, strength and optimism. Indeed, 30 years later, Lucia, coming back to Sicily, will discover how her grandmother (who's just passed away) has freed her from her demons and given her the strength to eventually live her own life.
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