An American in Austen (2024)

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An American in Austen (2024)
Opis: Librarian and aspiring novelist Harriet Goodson, currently having a case of writer's block, is a Jane Austen aficionado, her favorite of the books being Pride and Prejudice. It is the love of that book that makes her respond "maybe" to her boyfriend Ethan Pronce's unexpected proposal of marriage, as it, despite being romantic in nature, wasn't like the fairy-tale proposal she had envisioned by her yet unknown "Mr. Darcy" who she considers the most romantic hero in literature. Dreaming of Mr. Darcy, Harriet awakens to find that she has been miraculously transported into the world of Pride and Prejudice, she the newly arrived American cousin to the Bennets. While she does believe Mr. Darcy to be handsome to a fault when she first spots him, Harriet is aware that he is destined to be with Elizabeth. As the characters react as they are supposed to as
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