Asombrosa Elisa (2022)

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Asombrosa Elisa (2022)
Opis: Elisa is a twelve-year-old girl who, after her mother's accidental death, tries to convince her father that she has been gifted the same superpowers as the heroine from her favorite comic and that she can use them to take revenge on whoever was responsible for the fatal accident. At the same time, famous painter Hector is putting the final touches to his latest exhibition, while also looking after his wife, Ursula, who is in a wheelchair after a car accident. As these two stories are played out, a young girl, who's dressed exactly the same as the protagonist in the comic book Elisa is always reading, is moving through these same spaces. From day one, the girl's behavior shows us that for her, vengeance is a much more natural instinct. Finally, all these characters will realize that, without them knowing it, their lives have been united by an invisible line... Or perhaps by a comic strip.—Filmax
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