Atomic Hope (2022)

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Atomic Hope (2022)
Opis: One of the most contested issues in climate action is nuclear energy. The UK and EU nations including Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden use or are constructing reactors, with the EU already relying on nuclear for 25 per cent of its generated electricity alone. Supporters argue it is the only carbon-neutral technology capable of tackling the climate crisis at any meaningful scale, while the overwhelming majority of environmental groups reject nuclear power unequivocally for its potentially catastrophic effects. Thrown out of nearly every climate conference they try to attend, a small group of scientists, politicians and mothers arm themselves with slide-show decks that debate Chernobyl statistics and Fukushima impact reports. Is nuclear the planet's last real option, or should it not even be classified as a renewable resource, let alone exist? Follow the red-hot data into the most contested front of the green battle. Time is running out.—Jakkepoes
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