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Aum! (2021)
Opis: As a military, Adam is supposed to arrest Satriya, a student who is blacklisted as a target for government arrests because of his political activities. However, Adam instead took Satriya to run and hide with him. It was because Satriya was the only family that Adam had. Adam then joined the struggle with Satriya and other activist friends for one common goal: Reformation. The story is apparently just a film produced by Linda. Linda involves Panca, an ambitious and idealistic film director. Their difficulties in production which has to be carried out clandestinely and with minimal equipment because it is full of risks under strict government supervision. In addition, it seems that Panca is starting to not get along with Linda. Plus the involvement of Paul Whiteberg, an American journalist who covers the production exclusively.—filmindonesia.or.id
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