Autopsy 4: The Dead Speak (1997)

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Autopsy 4: The Dead Speak (1997)
Opis: Autopsy examines how forensic examiners can offer insights into criminal acts. "A Cry in the Night" looks at the case of Belinda Wood who was murdered by a downstairs neighbor who later tried to destroy the crime scene by burning down the apartment building. "The Crypt Keeper" goes to New Orleans to look at the case of a vanished elderly man whose skeleton was discovered in a hidden room in the basement. "The Michelle Wallace Case" examines the disappearance of a photographer in the Colorado Rockies. "The Perfect Witness" looks at how cat hairs help find a killer on Canada's Prince Edward Island. "The Case of The Missing Cowboy" investigates the death of Texan Casey Elliott who was killed and dismembered by his rancher girlfriend."The Bog People" looks at how peat bogs have perfectly preserved bodies of people murdered over 2,000 years ago.
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