Baby Done (2020)

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Baby Done (2020)
Opis: Zoe and Tim not only work together as arborists in their Auckland-based business, but they are also life partners, marriage however not something to which they ascribe, at least for themselves. Their life is all about adventure which puts front and center their wilder side, and while Zoe often takes that one step further in having a competitive and forthright streak - she a competitive tree climber aspiring to the world championships being held this year in Canada - Tim often shows a more sensitive side in having sympathy crying fits whenever Zoe cries. When Zoe learns that she is pregnant, she is reluctant to tell anyone, most specifically Tim and her best single friend Molly. Beyond fearing losing Molly in believing that parents only tend to hang out with other parents, Zoe, in her rationale, believes that no child is "planned", and thus is somewhat unwanted, something that her own parents deny about her, and that she doesn't want being pregnant to change anything about her life, including what she does - she still planning on going to the competition in Canada for which she qualifies - or how people treat her. Tim and the rest of her social circle finding out about her pregnancy doesn't change her mindset, she going as far as lying when necessary so she'll be able to board the plane to Canada. However, Tim goes to the other extreme, not only in wanting to do whatever to protect Zoe and their unborn child at whatever cost, but to ensure that he is the stereotypical perfect father, as he didn't have a supportive father when he was growing up.
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