Badhaai Do (2022)

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Badhaai Do (2022)
Opis: Shardul Thakur is a police office posted to Dehradhun, a police station for women. He is under constant pressure from his family to get married, but he isn't too keen on the idea because he's gay. Sumi (Bhumi Pednekar) works as a PE (Phys Ed) teacher in a high school. She, too, is being pressured by her family to get married but she is lesbian. She registers on a dating app where she 'meets' an attractive woman and they chat for a while. Upon meeting 'her', she finds that the person is actually a man with a fake account. He tries to blackmail Sumi, saying that he will expose her to her family if she doesn't agree to sleep with him. She goes to the police with her complaint. The person who takes down her details is Shardul. When he guesses that Sumi is lesbian, he proposes a plan: they will get married to get their families off their back. Problems arise, though, when their families continue to meddle in their lives and pressure them to have children.
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