Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)

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Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)
Opis: On her birthday, Princess Annika worries her parents by going outside to ice skate without permission and bringing home a "possibly dangerous" polar bear cub named Shiver. As a result, the overprotective King Marcus and Queen Elvina forbid her from going skating ever again.Annoyed, Annika sneaks out to join a skating festival in the village that night. A powerful sorcerer named Wenlock appears and orders the princess to marry him. Marcus and Elvina arrive and confront Wenlock, but he laughs and cryptically reminds Marcus and Elvina of the fate of their "other daughter". When Annika refuses his proposal, Wenlock petrifies the entire village population, including Annika's parents. Annika is rescued by a winged horse named Brietta, but Wenlock warns her she has three days to marry him; otherwise, the spell will become permanent.Brietta takes Annika to the Cloud Kingdom, ruled by Queen Rayla. Annika discovers that her parents' "other daughter" is, in fact, Brietta, who was transformed into a pegasus by Wenlock when she refused to marry him. This explains why their parents were so protective of Annika once she was born. The Cloud Queen tells Annika that the only thing that can defeat Wenlock is a "Wand of Light"; built from a measure of courage, a ring of love, and a gem of ice lit by hope's eternal flame. Despite Brietta's reluctance due to past failed attempts, Annika assures her that they can build the wand together.Annika, Brietta, and Shiver travel to the Forbidden Forest, where they meet Aidan, a blacksmith. When Shiver and Annika fall into a giant's stew pot, Annika uses her hair ribbon to help them escape. The ribbon, Annika's exact height, is the "measure of courage", and turns into a staff for the Wand of Light. After getting a map from the gem dealer Ferris, the group finds a large cavern filled with ice gems, where Annika and Aidan take one each. Aidan reveals that he ran away from his parents after he lost all of their money gambling. He took an extra gem to bring to his parents, so they would forgive him. Brietta offers her tiara for the ring of love. With all three objects, Aidan smiths the "Wand of Light", and Annika uses it to transform Brietta back into a human.On their way back to the Cloud Kingdom, Annika and Brietta are pursued by Wenlock, and Brietta is knocked unconscious in the chase. Enraged, Annika orders the wand to destroy Wenlock, but it doesn't work. With no other options, she gives in and finally agrees to marry him. Wenlock refuses, calling her annoying, just like his former wives, all now cursed to become trolls. He takes the wand and buries Annika in an avalanche.Aidan helps dig Annika out. After she recuperates, the group sneaks into Wenlock's palace. Annika finds the wand, but it has been damaged and the gem breaks off and falls into the sea. Aidan offers his gem as a replacement; realizing that the wand cannot be used for vengeance, Annika breaks all of Wenlock's spells for the love of her family and her people. Wenlock is stripped of his powers, his ex-wives are restored to their true forms, and the spell on Annika's kingdom is broken. Annika and Brietta are reunited with their parents, while Aidan reconciles with his father. In the Cloud Kingdom, Annika and Aidan skate together, while the Cloud Queen Rayla lifts the wand into the sky to become a star.
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