Beauty and the Billionaire (2022)

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Beauty and the Billionaire (2022)
Opis: Addison Burke is a kind-hearted office manager. Her brother Pete is an assistant for a very demanding billionaire, Justin Ross. Justin and Pete are going on a business trip to the island of Saint Martin, where Justin will attempt to acquire another company. However, Pete gets into an accident and breaks his leg, and Addison reluctantly agrees to go with them. Addison and Justin clash immediately, as she is the only person willing to stand up to him and tell him off for being rude. Despite her dislike of Justin, Addison helps him with the business deal by making a connection with the other party, who he was not on good terms with. Eventually, Justin takes Addison's advice and starts being nicer. The two develop feelings for each other, but whether Justin has truly changed is still in question.—Patrick Lin
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