Beef (2014)

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Beef (2014)
Opis: BEEF is a comedic spin on a real person courtroom show. It's Sopranos meets Judge Judy. Set in a Brooklyn deli, the show revolves around our hero Lou (Christopher Meloni), his family-run business, and the cases he's asked to settle. Like his shop, Lou is a neighborhood institution. Every day, people from the area march in with a "beef" that they trust Lou to resolve, be it with old-school advice, simple and fair justice, or a fine cut of meat. Yet Lou must also referee his colorfully opinionated family who help him run the store. But the meat of the show is the idiot rantings and absurd claims of the locals: food vendors, DJs, French teachers, dance instructors, divorcees, priests, and Drama Club queens. All searching for justice, all wanting to be heard, and above all, each yearning to hear Lou smack down that meat tenderizer and declare: "You've got a beef!"
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