Betrayal (2018)

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Betrayal (2018)
Opis: Mixteca Mountains, State of Oaxaca. One night Felix (11), a shepherd boy, hears a stranger tell his mother about San Francisco: a place where "there is a bridge that goes up for ships to go by". Since then, he is obsessed with going to San Francisco and runs away from home and ends up going to San Francisco in the Mexican State of Oaxaca, where there is no sea, bridges, or ships. He comes across the Lupita Cinema, a truck adapted by Northerner (60) to play movies in villages around the area. Felix (now 32) arrives at Santa Maria at the same time as The Desert Mermaids. Among them is Guadalupe (22), waitress, stripper and whore who surrenders to Felix on the same night that Northerner (now 71) is killed. Guadalupe, who has a daughter one year later, gives the baby to Felix and leaves Santa Maria with The Mermaids. Felix postpones his trip, registers the child as Misela and lives with her in an isolated stone house he calls San Francisco. Shortly after, Felix finds accidentally an important cargo of drugs, that he hides in the movie truck and becomes the local Drug Boss. Misela (5) asks for her mother and Felix (38) tells her she died at childbirth and is buried in the local graveyard. When she finds a nameless grave, she decides it's her mother's. Misela (23) is all grown up, and the young woman seeks comfort at her mother's grave. In the meantime, criminal forces in the area need to readjust, and the person who has to come to power is none other than Misela, but to be the Queen she has to deliver the head of Felix (56). He knows his daughter would never do such a thing, so he makes a plan for her to betray him... Felix dies and Misela becomes the boss...
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