Betrayed by My Bridesmaid (2022)

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Betrayed by My Bridesmaid (2022)
Opis: Katie (Ashley Dakin) and Tom (Steven He) are full of excitement as they plan their dream wedding in Tom's hometown. Knowing Katie's troubled and unreliable sister, Connie (Meghan Perry), is in rehab, Katie is relieved to have her best friend and maid of honor, Amanda (Shana Goodman), plan everything. To Katie's surprise, though, Connie is released from rehab just in time for the wedding and seems more stable than ever. Skeptical, Katie reluctantly includes Connie in her bridal party. But not long after Connie is back in the fold do things begin to unravel, testing Katie and Tom's dedication to one another. As a few small pranks turn into Katie fearing for her life, Connie is blamed for everything as the most obvious culprit. However, when Katie learns Amanda has been framing Connie so she can have Tom for herself, Katie is able to save her sister and stop Amanda from ruining their lives forever.—MARVISTA
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