Big Sky River: The Bridal Path (2023)

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Big Sky River: The Bridal Path (2023)
Opis: Tara Kendall (Vaugier), now settled in Montana and dating Sheriff and Cowboy Boone Taylor (Smith), works to bring their family lives together but tensions soon arise, as they both realize that blending their families will be more of a challenge than they anticipated. Erin (Cassidy Nugent, "The Good Doctor") struggles to find her place in both families, as now she not only has to share Tara with Boone's children, but her father, James (Peter Benson, "The Wedding Contract"), is going to have the baby boy of his dreams. However, a new foreign exchange student has arrived in town, and he may be able to give Erin the attention she seeks. Meanwhile, Country sensation Casey Elder (Michelle Harrison, "The Flash") has found herself a genuine, down-to-earth beau and her new album seems to stem from her new bustling romance.
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