Biu je, nei fan ye! (1991)

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Biu je, nei fan ye! (1991)
Opis: This is another gambling action comedy, probably riding on the success of the God of Gamblers franchise, where Mainlander Nan (Carol 'Do Do' Cheng) moves to Hong Kong to earn a living by being a gambler and casino dealer. She meets up with her stuntman cousin Po (Aaron Kwok) and his horse-race gambler landlord Li (Alex Man) and together, the three try to make ends meet in the gambling world. However, they stumbled upon a plot where greedy investor Fu Hon-San (Man Tat Ng) swindled the shares of his gambler brother Fun Hon-Hwa (Simon Yam), and, as a result, the gamblers band together in attempts to topple Hon-San.The acting wasn't bad. It was interesting seeing Alex Man star in a comedy; he has almost always been playing tough-guy, dramatic or serious roles in action movies. Carol Cheng does her usual comedic and sometimes overzealous humorous self, and teams up well with Aaron Kwok and Simon Yam. Plot is slow at times, but there are some good-old fashion action and card-playing schemes that were interesting to see. Overall, it's not a terribly bad film to pass the time with.Grade C+
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