Blake & Gwen: Now & Then (2021)

Blake & Gwen: Now & Then (2021)
Opis: Fans call them "Glake". The perfect moniker when a pop princess and king of country become a couple. This is the story of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. They met as judges on the set of 'The Voice' TV show. Offstage Blake and Gwen would write their own love song. Five years later there are plans to wed. Meanwhile they took different paths to mega-stardom. Blake: the son of a car salesman and beautician from Oklahoma who found his place in Nashville but never forgot his home state. Gwen: a California girl with Italian and Irish roots known as lead singer of the rock group No Doubt. Then out on her own with a Vegas act and bold fashion brand. A musical merger is clearly in the works. They'll need lots of shelf space in their home to hold all those Billboard, American Music and Grammy Awards. No Doubt about it.
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