Blue Moon (2021)

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Blue Moon (2021)
Opis: While struggling to achieve higher education Irina metamorphoses from the victim into the abuser as a result of subtle violent contexts. Irina is struggling to escape the violence of her extended dysfunctional family, while trying to achieve higher education in Bucharest, far away from her mountain village. During a party, Irina has an ambiguous sexual experience with an artist. She wakes up deflowered, having vague images of a man's hands. She confronts her uncertain "abuser" but chooses to begin an exclusively sexual relationship with him. This experience seems to give her strength because this is where she starts to fight the violent approach of the males in her family and becomes determined to run to Bucharest. Using solely her astute brain and her feminine instincts Irina drives all the aggressors in her life into the depth of a subdued psychological game. Step by step she metamorphoses from the victim into the abuser as a result of multiple subtle violent contexts.—Happy_Evil_Dude
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