Bob Biswas (2021)

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Bob Biswas (2021)
Opis: Blue a drug in demand which youngsters are addicted currently as its helps them to overcome stress.Bob Biswas an insurance agent is released from the hospital after spanning eight years in coma and is welcomed by his wife Mary and son Benny he has lost his memory and does not remember the past and finds that also has a teenage step daughter Minnie from Mary's late husband David,Minnie is appearing for medical entrance exams and gets used to blue .Bob is approached by two cops Jishu Narag and Kharaj Sahu who asks him to get back to his previous job as a contract killer where he is assigned to kill people dealing with blue.Bob slowly starts to recollect his memory of being a contract killer but is unaware that the big fishes of drug mafia had Pre planned the events for him.
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