Bon Voyage (1944)

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Bon Voyage (1944)
Opis: Following his escape from a German POW camp, Scottish R.A.F. Sergeant John Dougall is in a debriefing with French Intelligence in London. They are interested in his time from the camp to London, as French Resistance forces helped him all along the way. Dougall's fellow campmate Stefan Godowski was the one who initiated the escape plan, and was with Dougall right up until the final Resistance aided stop in France, when only one of the two could make that final leg of the trip to London. As such, Dougall has no idea what had happened to Godowski after their separation. Dougall will learn that French Intelligence knows more about what happened to him than he imagined, all because of the information provided by the French Resistance. But he will also learn that his escape back to London was not all it seemed on the surface.—Huggo
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