Bridal Wave (2015)

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Bridal Wave (2015)
Opis: Architect Luke Griggs took time of and refused a project to put him back in business because it would stifle his creativity. Sulking at his coastal home, the peace and quiet of which was wrecked by the 'wedding factory' resort next door, he wanders in the hotel restaurant, rebuked for 'stealing' from the open buffet. Thus he meets and sort of clicks with nurse Georgianna 'Georgie' Dwyer, whose bossy mother booked the resort's wedding package while the groom, her boss plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Hamilton, is hardly ever around, giving priority to his spoiled-rotten patients. Luke duly questions her ill-considered wedding plan and starts looking like a charming alternative, getting interested in her too, as she ducks away from the meddling families who don't get along.—KGF Vissers
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