Cabin in the Sky (1943)

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Cabin in the Sky (1943)
Opis: Little Joe is a compulsive gambler, who has promised several times to his wife Petunia that he'll quit this bad habit. Petunia is a very religious woman, and every Sunday goes with Little Joe to the church. Little Joe has debts with another gambler, which are threatening him to pay quick or assume the consequences. One day, Little Joe seems to make a serious promise to Petunia that now he's definitely out of gambling, but at the first opportunity, when the woman is distracted, Little Joe runs away to the casino. A shooting takes place at the casino, where Little Joe's severely injured. The unfortunate man, despite Petunia's prayers, dies and his soul makes a deal with the General, at God services, and Lucifer Jr.: to become a good husband and quit gambling in a lapse of six months, otherwise, his soul will be condemned. Little Joe resuscitates and apparently is behaving well, but later he finds out that has won a big money prize. He and a seductive singer, Georgia Brown, begin to hang out and exhibit themselves with elegant clothes, expensive jewelry and a luxurious car in front of Petunia. The General and Lucifer keep watching Little Joe, and maybe this could be his last chance.—Alejandro Frias
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