Catatan Si Boy (2023)

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Catatan Si Boy (2023)
Opis: BOY, a perfect student: handsome, wealthy, enjoyable, and with a gentle heart. It's no wonder that many female students want Boy to be their boyfriend. However, Boy already has a beloved girlfriend named NUKE, a beautiful girl and the daughter of a public official. Unfortunately, Boy and Nuke's relationship is not approved by Nuke's father. Boy is frustrated and heartbroken when Nuke disappears and cuts off all contact with him. Boy is engulfed in sadness due to the feeling of loss until a new and beautiful female student named VERA manages to infiltrate and begins to try to heal Boy's heart. This leads to Boy being attacked by Vera's ex-boyfriend, JEFFREY, who doesn't accept Boy and Vera's relationship. The situation becomes even more complicated when Nuke reappears in Boy's life. Who is the woman who successfully entered the heart of Boy?
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