Cause toujours... tu m'intéresses! (1979)

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Cause toujours... tu m'intéresses! (1979)
Opis: François Perrin is a journalist who reads the news on RTL radio. Alone in life, his only "amusement" is his neighbour from Africa, who makes mildly fun of him from time to time. One evening, François is bored, and decides to call a random telephone number. He gets Christine on the line, a bit of an old school pharmacist, who hesitates to put down the phone, and plays the game of seduction with the charming "Mr X". After a missed appointment, he seeks her company, by pretending he is an important reporter, while he keeps on calling her pretending he is a famous writer, in order to not disappoint her because of his small job. In the mean time, Christine has to sort out her family life, but above all her friends, who are a bit too nosy...
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