Chamatkar (1992)

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Chamatkar (1992)
Opis: Sundar Shrivastav a teacher dreams of building a school for village kids.His friend Prem tells him that his dream can be fulfilled as there is a teacher's job in Dubai with good salary.Sundar sells of his land and gives the amount to Prem who asks him to come to Mumbai in few days.Upon reaching Mumbai he finds that Prem as conned him and left for Dubai with the money where as he is also robbed of his belongings.Sundar with no way to go spends his time in a Catholic graveyard where he comes across a ghost Marco who is only visible to Sunder and only he can hear him.Marco tells him he was not a good person.But when he decided to give his world of crime fro his wife Savitri.His partner Gunda killed him and buried him in the graveyard secretly.Marco then asked god to plead him as he did not get a chance to prove himself.Marco then was waiting for 20 years for this day.Marco and Sundar become friends and Marco finds he also has a daughter Mala who then loves Sundar. Marco's only aim is to destroy Gunda and prove himself innocent where he is helped by Sundar.—[email protected]
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