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Opis: TUCKER Ostrowski is a Kangaroo. Well, he works as Hoppy the Kangaroo at a little amusement park in Central Florida.Newly accepted by the California Institute of the Arts and desperate to make enough money for fall tuition, Tucker lands a job in Old Time Fun Towns CHARACTERz Department (really the only summer employment he could find).Tucker soon meets the rest of the brand new Kangaroo Krew, including Capn Jacks-Parrot, worn by his new best friend JERRY; Paws the Pink Polar Bear, worn by the aptly nicknamed Sweaty STU; and Bowzer the Bulldog, worn by his soon-to-be girlfriend (he hopes!) SAMANTHA.Through trial and error (mostly error), Tucker learns the ins and outs of being a Costumed Characterand, in the process, discovers that his summer workplace is wildly dysfunctional. Rookie or not, Tucker senses that something is wrong here, but he just cant put his finger on what.Tuckers future is in jeopardy unless he can figure out who has set up the CHARACTERz!
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