Christmas Keepsake (2023)

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Christmas Keepsake (2023)
Opis: Project Manager Tom and his 13-year-old daughter Grace recently moved from Australia to the small US town of Ashbury Grove. Determined to give Grace the best Christmas ever, he embarks on a secret mission, leaving Grace to explores her new surroundings. In the backyard, covered by snow, Grace finds a time capsule containing a guide to the perfect family Christmas. Together, Tom and Grace decide to investigate the mysterious capsule, leading them to Elizabeth, the owner of the local bakery who agrees to help them on their quest. While Tom and Grace embrace all that is Christmas, for Elizabeth it's a sad reminder of the father she lost. As they work their way through the capsule's list, Tom and Elizabeth begin to fall for one another proving there is no time like Christmas to reveal old, and make new memories.
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