Christmas on My Mind (2019)

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Christmas on My Mind (2019)
Opis: Lucy Lovett is the Executive Director of the non-profit Lovett Art Foundation in Portland, Maine, it a position she took over after the passing of the Foundation's founder and former ED, her Aunt Audrey Lovett. On December 17, Lucy rushes out of the bridal shop in Portland with her wedding dress only to slip on the ice, fall and hit her head. After getting up figuring that she feels all right, she heads directly to her hometown of Bedford Harbor, Maine, where she previously worked as a child art educator, to meet her fiancé Zach Callahan, who took over running one of his family's businesses, the Roadhouse Restaurant, following his father's passing. Zach is confused to see Lucy if only because they broke up almost two years ago on December 23, Lucy who he hasn't seen since. After consulting local doctor, Caroline Albright, Lucy learns that although she does not have a concussion from hitting her head, she has a case of retrograde amnesia, where the last thing she remembers is that day, December 23, two years ago, meaning she remembers nothing about her high powered life chiefly fundraising for the Foundation, or her imminent New Year's Eve wedding to the Foundation's CFO, Brad Martin. Not wanting Lucy to receive any emotional shock in her recovery, Dr. Albright suggests Lucy do things she feels familiar with, meaning being in Bedford Harbor for the annual Christmas Festival which she always attended with Zach, to understand why she feels this way about her former, more simple life, and is blocking her past two years in Portland from her memory. Lucy's feelings for Zach are not only complicated by the fact of Brad, but by Zach now dating former Miss Bedford Harbor, Morgan LeBlanc, which she does not want to disrupt for both Zach and Morgan's sakes. As Zach's repressed feelings for Lucy start to emerge again, he has to tread a fine line between those feelings and the reliving their painful break-up, the reason which may drive Lucy away this second time around if she discovers the truth. —Huggo
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