Chuck Lawson and the Night of the Invaders (2020)

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Chuck Lawson and the Night of the Invaders (2020)
Opis: The year is 2061: aliens have landed on Earth and the only song on the radio is the Monster Mash. Knowing only the best can handle this case, the pentagon contracts a secret mercenary crime fighting force called simply The Agency to discover their purpose. Blown away by the mystery, the agency calls on two legendary ex agents and ex lovers to come out of retirement, Chuck Lawson and Serena Fox. He's a cocky wise cracker with a perpetual smirk on his face and hand on his gun. She's a reserved and calculated mind always ready to call someone's BS. But they both share a dark past that drove them away from each other and the Agency. Back together again, they're teamed up with a young, doting crime-fighting couple who has since broken Chuck and Serena's long-held arrest record. At odds with each other and their new teammates, they arrive at the alien landing site and receive a message indecipherable except for one word: Tyrimpson, the name of the tech company that controls everything from phones to music. With this intriguing clue as their guide, Chuck and Serena set out for Dr. Tyrimpson, embarking on an action-packed night of kicking and face-punching, and end up in the middle of a mystery way bigger than anticipated.
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