Chupke Chupke (1975)

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Chupke Chupke (1975)
Opis: Dr Parimal Thripathi (Dharmendra) is a botany professor & is in Shimla guest house for research. The guard's grandson is sick, but he refuses to go see him as a group of students is about to arrive. Parimal promises him to cover his shift and work & makes him leave. The arriving group of students are all girls & include Sulekha (Sharmila Tagore) who is also a botany student & has heard of Dr Parimal. Before leaving she finds out that Parimal was posing as the guard & secretly develops a crush on him. She leaves her address for him & Parimal asks for her hand in marriage from her elder brother Haripath. Haripath's brother-in-law is Raghav (Om Prakash) who is unable to attend the wedding.Sulekha holds Raghav (Jeejaji) in very high regard & so much so that angers Parimal. Sukumar Sinha (Amitabh) is Parimal's very good friend, almost brother. Sukumar is earmarked by another of Parimal's friend Prashant for marriage to his sister in law Vasudha (Jaya Bhaduri), although Prashant hasn't discussed this matter with Sukumar yet.Now Raghav invites Sulekha & Parimal to Mumbai for honeymoon & Parimal decides that he will go as a driver to seek employment with Raghav. Sulekha will come later saying Parimal has gone to Patna for work. He wants to prove to Sulekha that he is as capable as Raghav & that he can hoodwink Raghav into believing that he is really a driver. Haripath reluctantly agrees & provides him references as a driver. Raghav wants someone who speaks pure Hindi & that's what Parimal goes as, driver PyareMohan.Parimal meets Prashant in Mumbai (who happens to know Raghav) & tells him the story. When Sulekha comes, Pyare and Sulekha show unusually high interest in each other. They are even seen by Raghav & his wife serenading each other in Mumbai parks & visiting each other's room at night. Raghav gets very suspicious and believes that Sulekha is having an affair with the driver. He confronts Sulekha & PyareMohan who don't admit or deny anything & just try to explain things away.One morning PyareMohan & Sulekha run away & that day Haripath arrives with Sukumar, who is posing as Parimal. Sukumar gets angry with Raghav upon hearing that Sulekha has run away with Pyare & goes to stay with Prashant instead.There he finds Vasudha & falls in love with her. She wants to learn Botany & Parimal has to train Sukumar in Botany so he can act as Parimal in front of Vasudha. Sukumar professes his love to Vasudha & she is offended, as she knows him as Parimal.Meanwhile Prashant's wife Lata, who is not in the loop, gets suspicious of developments between Sukumar (as Parimal) & Vasudha. When things get out of hand with Vasudha, Sukumar tells her the truth & she agrees to play along. Sukumar & Vasudha run away & get married. Then Sulekha returns with Pyare & they all confront Sukumar & Vasudha at the temple.Thats when Raghav realizes that Pyare is in fact Parimal. He takes it in good humor & the movie ends.
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