Cocoa (2023)

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Cocoa (2023)
Opis: Two at odds sisters (played by: Jody Mortara and Megan McGarvey) hit rock bottom in this live action film, and find themselves thrown together to try and remake their lives. When the only solace is their mother's chocolate cake, they decide to create a chocolate cake that makes you lose weight. But, during the funding 'pitch' party, the investor's dog gets into the chocolate cake which sets off a 24-hour city-wide chase beginning with Dr. Dogwood, the eccentric vet with a 'potion', an encounter with a bumbling terrorist, and the attention of an up and coming field reporter who sees this as her shot at fame. The topper is when they realize they have gained the interest of the mob boss Carmine Frangiolini and his opportunistic family friend, Lucas Morello, who "want to make them an offer they cannot refuse". Somehow, through this ordeal, these two displaced sisters come together to create a national franchise and find that... they aren't so different after all.—Jody Mortara
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