Cranberry Christmas (2020)

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Cranberry Christmas (2020)
Opis: Married Dawn and Gabe Powell founded, own and operate Cranberry Lane, the brand all things Christmas from products to services to ideas. It was borne out of Gabe being a third generation cranberry farmer - Cranberry Lane Farms - in Bristol, Maine. However the business has taken its toll on their marriage with Dawn constantly on the road focusing on expanding the brand, while Gabe remains in Bristol focusing on the farm. They have only told their family - his parents, her sister and grandmother - that they are contemplating breaking up. In their confusion over how to split what was always their joint Christmas responsibilities in Bristol, they both assumed that the other was too busy to organize this year's annual Christmas Cranberry Festival, which they started ten years ago, and thus were prepared to organize it on their own, which they instead decide to organize together. The Festival and their time together gets more complicated when Pamela Franks, a Renaissance woman who owns her own media empire, including hosting a lifestyle show on her own network, and who met Dawn on a recent segment on her show, wants to shoot some segments of the Festival for the show, those segments to focus on the happily married duo behind Cranberry Lane. They ultimately agree if only for the good of exposing the Festival to a national audience and the business it would bring to town holistically. As they pretend to be that happily married couple for the cameras and for Pamela, Dawn and Gabe may rediscover what brought them together in the first place. However, it may also expose the problem that led to their potential split in their individual lives seemingly headed in two different directions. —Huggo
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