Dad's Home (2010)

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Dad's Home (2010)
Opis: As the weeks go by, dad Ben gets involved with son Dylan's baseball team after he finds out from the coach that Dylan has quit without telling him--having attended no games while he had a job as a now-fired ad executive, and rediscovers the mundane chores that keep a household running. Daughter Lindsay is starting to discover boys--and boundaries must be set when Ben comes home and finds her entertaining a male classmate in her bedroom. Ben and Dylan's teacher are thrown together many times as Ben discovers school activities and actually starts a romantic relationship. Then Ben gets offered a job in Cleveland and has trouble telling the kids who naturally are reluctant to move from their stone-and-glass home with the year-round swimming pool and established friendships. And what about saying a final goodbye to Dylan's teacher--or wondering if they could cultivate a relationship if he stayed?
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