Deep Sea Mutant Snake (2022)

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Deep Sea Mutant Snake (2022)
Opis: With the sudden death of his fiancee, Qin Yu believes that the Cass Corporation is involved in the death of his fiancee and sets out to unveil the truth. Booking a passage on the same cruise ship as former Cass Corporation employee, Jason, Qin Yu follows him, in search of information needed on the Cass Corporation to testify against them in court. Desperate for the next scoop of a story, reporter Feng Li tails both Qin Yu and Jason, also securing a booking on the very same cruise ship. Before any of them have any luck in their endeavors, the cruise ship is attacked by giant mutant snakes. Escaping the harrowing attack, the survivors find themselves stranded on the very island upon which the Cass Corporation has been conducting their shady experiments. Hunted by monstrous creatures of all sorts, will any of the survivors find a way to bring the Cass Corporation to its knees and make it off the island alive?—Paul M. N. Haakonsen
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