Division III: Football's Finest (2011)

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Division III: Football's Finest (2011)
Opis: This ensemble comedy follows the Pullham University Bluecocks, a small liberal-arts college with a Division III football program (the lowest division in the NCAA). When the head coach unexpectedly dies, the flailing football program's future is in jeopardy, as they have not had a winning season in decades. In a desperate attempt to create some media attention for the athletic program and the university, President Georgia Anne Whistler hires known lunatic and felon Coach Rick Vice for what could be the football program's final season. Vice, an overly aggressive racist redneck, quickly becomes the team's and athletic director's worst nightmare. Vice especially butts heads with Mitch DePrima, a reluctant quarterback who was drawn to the college thinking he would play ball as a big fish in a small pond, only to find himself riding the bench in his final year. Navigating between an insane coach, meat-head teammates, his male-cheerleader roommate, and the sexy new sports trainer, Mitch struggles to find himself. But Vice's particular brand of unorthodox coaching, might just be the spark that Mitch and the entire team needs to turn the program around and become winners.—Anonymous
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