Dragon Girl (2020)

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Dragon Girl (2020)
Opis: Christmas is just around the corner in the little village of Borington. Nerdy Mortimer, happy to be on break from school and his less-than-understanding schoolmates, is trying to increase his popularity with his mostly ill-fated YouTube posts. Meanwhile, young refugee girl Sara--afraid she must leave the only country she has ever known and be forced back to a country she's never seen- is hiding from everybody. No friends, no family, just her little gnome dolls that she keeps as her only companions. But everything changes one morning when an animal crashes into the very home where Sara is hiding. This is no woodland creature, but a young dragon who,much like Sara herself, is all alone in the world trying to find his way to where he belongs. Another chance encounter introduces Mortimer into the situation. Can these three lost souls help one another during this magical Christmas and give one another the love and support to find their way through bullies, Christmas festivals, cops, soldiers (and flaming dragon poop) to have homes for Christmas?
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