Dreamland: A Storming Area 51 Story (2022)

9.5 10 85
Dreamland: A Storming Area 51 Story (2022)
Opis: A wild and unexpected cast and crew come together before the viral Storming Area 51 event to film one of the most unique documentaries you have ever seen, modern day Cinema Verite. A life-long alien enthusiast, filmmaker and comedian, Brian Moreno, takes us on a journey into an ever growing subculture; the alien, UFO conspiracy community. We get to see this community but we also get a very interesting and heartwarming story about a cast and crew that have very mixed feelings about even being there. The trip begins in Los Angeles and finishes at the legendary Area 51 site in Rachel, NV. Nothing goes as planned, or does it? This is a ride that takes you into the land of Comedy, Interviews, Conspiracy, Aliens and so much more. Even if you know nothing about Aliens or Area 51 there is something in this film for you. It's a fast paced, wild film that will leave you pleasantly surprised and asking questions. This is a failure story, or maybe not.
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